06 January 2010

hot water

It's a big day in the Eisele household. It's not even 9am and I am showered with straightened hair and real clothes on. I've scrubbed the bathrooms, dusted my bedroom and even made the bed. What could possibly be happening to bring about such outrageous behavior? Did Prince Harry receive my letters and is finally coming over to discuss how he became the hot prince while his brother is quickly turning into an old lady? I have two kinds of people who talk to me about my blog - the family members who tell me I should write a book and Denise's husband Josh who says I use the word "boob" too much. You are both wrong. My boobs are the center my universe and I could never come up with enough drivel to fill a book. In any case, if I DID write a book it would probably be all my theories and thoughts on the royal family. Especially sweet, beautiful, Nazi uniform-wearing Harry ... who can not be Charles' son. Not that I have anything against Charles, who has one of my favorite voices of all time. And don't you dare start on Camilla or I'll force you to sit & listen to my lecture on the modern-day fairy tale princess who DOES NOT HAVE A HORSE FACE, you jerk.

Oh, a plumber's coming. That's the big news around here. We have iffy hot water pressure and it's basically non-existent in the guest bathroom. We're actually having guests next month (book your ticket, Ilse) so we decided they may want to bathe occasionally so I set out to start nagging our property managers again. Usually I call them a gazillion times and they blame someone else (yet I still like these people) & nothing happens. But I went on their website to get their phone number the other day and noticed they have an online request form so I tried that. 24 hours later, I got a phone call from a plumber. You witchy magical internet, you rock my world.

I wish I had more exciting things to tell you than our plumbing issues but I don't. I have managed to go 3 paragraphs without mentioning Ben in a blog so that's probably a record. Of course this blog is about me being a mother so that probably isn't a good thing. He is quite adorable today, using my favorite gentle falsetto voice this morning instead of his shrill yelping or his husky talking (which is always accompanied by him pulling his head back, exposing enough chins to house a small colony of woodland creatures). And he is pulling things off of our clothes drying rack at the moment and I swear to you on a stack of bibles that he just put a pair of underwear right back on the rack. I know it was an accident but it just thrilled my soul - nevermind there are still several things I need to go pick up & one pair of underwear that needs to be removed from his mouth. I am trying to not use the dryer these days, unless I'm drying towels, so we are currently living in a cotton jungle. I need to clean this up a bit and put some makeup on my face so I should go. I've only got another hour & 1/2 to pull myself together before the plumber arrives!

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