18 January 2010

On 'til the break of dawn

There's a battle brewing, my friends. It's me versus that guy on the left. We may both end up covered in various pureed fruits & veggies but only one of us can be the victor. So far it ain't me. Little twerp is looking over at the screen right now just trying to see what I'm writing about him and sadly I have turned the screen. He's a baby. He can't read. I lose again.

Seriously, why does this child hate food? The faces he pulls when I put anything in his mouth is just torture? Then most of it comes oozing right back out & then gets magically flung around on to his chair, his hair, his mother. It's not pretty.

On a happier note, he's 8 glorious months old today!! One one hand that seems so old considering the teensy tiny little bundle we brought home from the hospital. On the other hand it's hard to believe we can love someone so much that we've only known for 8 months. Don't tell him I said that - I'm trying to keep up a bit of a tough guy persona while the great food standoff continues. You can guess how well that will go.

Hey, someone stole our gnome. Granted it was never our gnome but it turned up in the corner of our parking spot on New Year's Eve and we took that as a good omen (I'll repeat Marcel's joke that it was a good "gnomen" - hahaha) for the new year. Now that someone has swiped it, what could that possibly mean besides doom and possibly gloom for 2010? There are some rat bastard teenagers staying on the first floor at the moment for a holiday and I blame them. I don't think all teenagers are pieces of crap but these seem to be. Why? Because they are loud. Not even unreasonably loud and not late at night or early in the morning and no loud terrible music. So basically I'm an old grouchy woman. If I had a front porch and some flowers, I would be sitting on that front porch making sure they didn't step on those flowers. Good thing I have neither.

Okay, I'm off to feed my son some milk since I can't depend on him getting nutrition from the food that is covering his goofy face. How old do they have to be before I can do the old "You're not leaving the table until you've eaten what's on your plate?" I don't know anyone who's done that outside of that great movie A River Runs Through It. Lordy, Brad Pitt was beautiful in that movie. Ahhhhh ... oh well, back to reality.

Oh wait, no! One more thing - bloody Prince William is coming to Australia tomorrow. How great is that? No Harry so I won't bother making plans to conveniently bump into him in Sydney but I thought it was funny that the future King/Old Lady man has decided to drop by.

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