25 January 2010

It's not a Wizard, it's a Wilard.

My son pooped out a piece of cardboard today. As I stared into that diaper, I could hear the hear the crash of jewels falling off of my Mother of the Year tiara. How did I not notice Ben eating cardboard??? And also, if he wasn't just 8 months old I'd be giving him a "what the what!?" speech because he refuses to eat any solid food - no fruit, no veggies, no nothing, but he'll eat cardboard.

Sorry, just got distracted. Watching Seinfeld & it's one of my favorites - George is driving his dead wife's parents to his non-existent house in the Hamptons. I love that he named his imaginary horses Snoopy & Prickly Pete. Something tells me the Costanza's would have overlooked George eating cardboard so that's the life I have to look forward to.

Okay I'm off to check on the boy. He's actually been asleep for a little while & it's only 8.30pm so he should be waking up any minute to make our evening miserable. Marcel's getting a cold and has just stumbled upon Man Vs Wild on TV, one of my least favorite shows on earth - I find Bear Grylls' voice to be so irritating it's ridiculous. Oh well, at least Marcel will be able to survive if he's ever dropped by a helicopter in the Sahara.

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  1. Clint loves Man vs Wild too and it drives me crazy (and not in a good way!)