12 January 2010

Turd Ferguson

A wise, wise woman who I love very much (Amy Hawkins)(used to be Smith for those of you who may have gone to Highland with us) had a great Facebook status today:

Wouldn't this world be wonderful if we tried to build each other up instead of tearing each other apart?

I have to agree with her whole heartedly. As much as I love to gossip, I can't stand the negative stuff - what do we think we're accomplishing by picking at each other? Life would be so beautiful if we concentrated on the good in others & actively looked for it in those we're not so crazy about.

In completely unrelated news, we finally bought a digital picture frame & it is residing on my new bedside table next to my new lamp in our slightly improved bedroom. I love the digital frame (thank you mom for funding this project!) but every time I catch the photo changing out of the corner of my eye, I have a moment of "What the hell was that?!" & have to turn around. Seriously, after about 13 times I should know what the hell that is.

I'm actually typing all of this while sitting on our bed, which is actually made at the moment. That's one of my crappy new goals in life - to make our bed every morning. Why does that make such a big difference? I'm also not letting baskets of clean clothes sit around in the bedroom. If I don't have time or energy to put them away, they will sit in the basket in the living room where we can trip over them but it won't disturb the peaceful lovely energy of the boudoir. I have also moved our dirty clothes hamper to the laundry room. I know I am blowing your minds with the gargantuan improvements going on in my little corner of the world but just you wait, the best is yet to come. Do you know what I've started??? I promised myself I would tell no one about this because it's embarrassing but I love telling embarrassing things about myself too much. I have started a house inspiration notebook. Yep, a notebook that is being filled with magazine cutouts, etc. of my favorite colours, styles & little tidbits I see here & there. It's just to get my brain working on what I want in our home. I feel like a 3rd grader making a collage or something but it's fun if nothing else so don't make fun of me until you try it yourself. And you never know, I may just get that $15,000 painting after all ... or just print out the picture I found of it online illegally & frame that. Ssshhhhh.

Ben is nuts. He has no use for his toys these days - he just wants to wander, open drawers, knock over laundry baskets, pull cords from their spots, shake whatever he can get his hands on, etc. I knew we should have named him Turd Ferguson. He's so much bloody fun, though! He's been very whiny today and is just now down for a decent nap so I'm hoping his mood will have improved. I did drag him out to the mall & not the one right next to us for a bit of shopping and to pick up my new iPod from the shipping company (don't ask, too much drama for this mama). Hey, I got myself a bargain! I bought a lamp for my bedside table last week for $21 & it's gorgeous - couldn't believe how cheap so I decided today that Marcel had to have one too on his table so we could match. With such a good price, who could argue? Well, I just looked at the receipt a while ago & shazam, it was only $12 this week. I wonder if I go back next week if they'll just give me one or pay me to take it away. I'll post pictures of my new, slightly improved bedroom one of these days.

Anyway, I have new magazines & a new book to read (I obviously swung by Borders as well) & this will be the only chance I have to crack them open while the boy is asleep. Have a happy Wednesday and remember not to be so critical today, we could all use a little building up.

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  1. Thanks Ashley for the nice comment on Amy's status, she really needs a lot of positive and is really trying to be positive herself, which is VERY hard during this time in her life, please pray for her and Quentin!! Love you and really enjoy reading your blog.....Momma Smith