16 January 2010

Someone somewhere nearby has a fire going. Not a fireplace fire, like a bonfire or a beach fire. It smells like heaven on earth to me. The other piece of heaven on earth in my life tonight is the cookies I just made. You probably thought I was going to say something lovely about my husband or son but no, it's cookies. If you like brownies & you like cookies, you will like these little darlings:

One of the many things I miss about America is brownies. Now I love plenty of things about Australia & they do many culinary things very well so I'm okay with them screwing up a few things. They just don't do brownies well so I found this recipe on Smitten Kitchen & it's absolutely perfect - brownie goodness but not as thick or heavy. I could eat a million, which isn't good since I'm constantly complaining that I still have most of my baby weight. I am getting serious about exercise starting on Monday - please send your inspirational exercise thoughts my way because I am terrible about sticking with it, especially in the bloody heat.

I'm also aiming to cook a lot more now that boy wonder can entertain himself a lot more and leave me a bit of freedom. Fresh food, creative yum yums, here I come. Should be interesting. If you've got some wonderful, healthyish recipes I should try please let me know.

Benny is a crazy stander these days. He pulls himself up on everything and can now stand up straight while holding on to everything. Now signs of walking anytime soon but he is still making me very proud. I'm going to concentrate on getting food into him as well, trying finger foods this time because I think he hates me trying to feed him - stubborn little nut. I have no idea where he gets the stubbornness. My mother & husband would say it's my legacy but don't listen to them.

Let's see, what else? Our bedroom looks nice and we updated the ensuite bathroom a bit too - just added a bamboo organizational shelfy thing and a bamboo trashcan instead of the crappy plastic one we had. And we got a new bathmat that wasn't disgusting. Moving on up to the eastside, indeed. We still can't come figure out what the hell we can do to our living/dining areas because it's an odd layout. I'm at least going to aim for some new throw pillows instead of the ones we've got to class it up a bit and declutter so our poor son doesn't get hurt in a knickknack avalanche. It's like my nesting instincts have shown up a little bit late but that's okay, at least I have the energy for them now!

Hmmm ... I'm going to go breathe in the beautiful firey smells and keep working on my shopping lists for tomorrow. I may also go hover over my sleeping son to admire that sweet sweet boy.

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