23 March 2010

Because you're bastard people. - Waiting for Guffman

Signs that confirm I am in fact a mother:

1.   I mess up the lyrics to every song on the radio. We are talking E-V-E-R-Y song, even ones I have known all my life. I remember my mom doing this when I was young & it drove me bananas but now I realize she had no control over it. Mothers can not retain song lyrics.

2.   I confuse my son & husband's names. Bencel & Marjamin will get sick of this eventually.

3.   I've developed an incredibly high tolerance for kid's TV & music. I have even had lengthy conversations about why Giggle & Hoot are vastly superior to the irritating High-5 or the Wiggles. I am shocked that you don't know who Giggle & Hoot are:

Okay, I'm too tired to keep listing things. Last night was another rough night with Ben - took a good few hours to get him to sleep for good but at least once he was down he was doooown with less sleep drinking than other recent days. No good napping today, though. He'll fall asleep in my arms but the very instant he touches the bed he springs to life, which is so so so irritating. I am giving myself a pep talk for tonight - I have nothing else to do so I will stay rocking him as long as I have to without losing my cool. I will not throw my phone at the wall or the bookshelf or any other surface where a phone should not be thrown. His other front top tooth is finally peaking through, one little corner has broken through the skin. All of his other teeth have come through within a couple of days of when we first spot them but this one has taken a few weeks so we've decided that's causing all the commotion with his weird sleeping. It's not us, it's the damn tooth!! Maybe not but we'll comfort ourselves that way & if it's still terrible next week then I'll look for another excuse ... I mean I'll break down & do some sleep training. They have a Family Care Cottage in Gosford so I might try to book us in there so they can help me sleep train him instead of having me sobbing my eyes out every night! A professional holding my hand would be delightful.

So it's 4pm at the moment. In one hour our cooling off period will be over & we will officially have bought a house! Yes, that's my big news. And actually we don't close until 20 April so maybe that's when we'll officially own a house but whatever. The finances have gone through, everyone has signed contracts, inspections have been done, blah blah bloody blah. I am so excited about this house! Yes, I realize it is a sign of doom & gloom for my mom but we did put some effort into looking for jobs in America & it turns out there are none. So we thought it wise to plant our roots here for a couple of years until things settle down a bit more. And this house is fairly awesome - I'll post pictures later tonight or tomorrow when my son isn't tempting death by balancing against our recycling bin & trying to pull things out of it! I think you'll like the place.

Anyhoo, off to save a baby from a painful recycling incident. 

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