15 March 2010

Monday, Monday

Have you ever watched In the Night Garden? If you're considering having children, watch this show first as it may make you rethink the whole concept knowing that your son or daughter will want to watch this drivel. They don't speak real words, just high pitched noises & there's a smarmy British narrator who always seems shocked when the stupidly named creatures don't do what they're supposed to do. Ninky Nonk, Pinky Ponk, Akka Pakka, Iggle Piggle & all their cutesy wutesy friends - I want to kick them all in the shins!

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, all else is good today. Managed a quick walk, though I refuse to make big claims about getting fit because that is some sort of kiss of death for me. I would like to walk every day now so we'll just see how I go. It was nice to get back to my circle to spy on the Terrigal folks that are out & about fishing, surfing, swimming, walking with their own babies. Love seeing what everyone else is up to.

Also managed to clean our bedroom, do 3 loads of laundry (with several more to go)(we have a small washer/dryer) & just need to do the world's dirtiest kitchen. I can't do dishes while Ben is sleeping because somehow that noise travels down our long hallway & directly into his ears. Bizarro. At the moment I am working on some designs for Benny's birthday invitations - fun, fun, fun. I always feel the creative juices flowing but I can't figure out how to get that creativity out of me!! The invites are as awesome as they looked in my brain so I'm going to have to get Marcel to help me with his design-addled mind.

But now I'm signing off to play with my boy. The older he gets, the goofier & more hysterical he gets. He's way too tall now - reaching things way above his head. He's so much fun now but I do miss that tiny little lump of a baby that I got to cuddle all day every day! Aw well, I'm going to enjoy every minute of him before he's too old & cool to hang out with his old mama.

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  1. I remember when Charlotte was into the Night Garden and everything was a "Binky Bonk"...have heard lots of mums wailing at how irritating the show is - so you are not alone!

    What fun planning Benny boy's birthday invites - tho I must say CANNOT believe it's almost a year!! Nicxx