17 March 2010

the night is yours alone

It's been a long day & it's still not over. Almost had Ben asleep when Marcel got home late from work. Ben lives to see Marcel at the end of the day so was very excited when he heard that door open! Poor Marcel is now stuck in the rocking chair trying to bring the boy back to sleep - it's 8.40pm & something tells me that it's going to be a loooong night. And we still have to watch Lost!

It's funny to look at this apartment after the day has finished if I haven't had time to straighten up as we go. The kitchen looks like a tornado hit it & that's just from fixing spaghetti, nothing special or complicated & I did the bloody dishes before I made the meal. Since Marcel's been rocking Ben, I've put some clean clothes up to dry & more in the dryer, then picked up every toy that Ben owns that were strewn about the loungeroom. Cleaned up spaghetti sauce that he yanked out of my bowl, water that he tipped over & ground up breadstick/rusk thing that one of us stepped on (probably me) & he enjoyed mashing the crumbs. Needless to say it was one of those hectic days where you can't tell which way was up - probably just the universe testing me since I have no job I can run back to now! Oh well, it's all still good & Ben ate a good chunk of a roll with sauce on it so one small victory at least. If I can just manage to get a source of iron into him, I'll be happy but he seems to recognize that & refuse at all costs. Turd.

Ben seems to be getting louder & higher pitched back there so I should probably go rescue Marcel or just bring the boy's squealy behind out here to fall asleep during Lost so he can be with us. Sweet little monkey would probably appreciate knowing what his namesake is up to this week on the show anyway & I can amuse him with tales about how I really wanted to name him Sayid. Hahahaha - that's probably funny to exactly one of you but I'm putting it out there.

Happy trails!

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