16 March 2010

Hear ye, hear ye

So it turns out there is one solid food that Ben will eat happily. French fries. Of course he would wolf them down just to make sure I am the worst mother ever. I realise that they're warming up a nice place in Mommy Hell for me for even letting my almost 10 month old try french fries, let alone having more than one. I hate that he loves them but there's a tiny sick part of me that is secretly delighted that he is actually eating something & enjoying it. And normally he likes something exactly once then never wants it again but noooo, he actually dances & laughs while eating them & comes back for more. No, I don't give him more than 2 or 3 tiny ones & I bite the crunchy ends off. Not sure why but I saw Marcel do it so I thought it made sense. And let's face it, it's not the oil or salt or general evilness of the fries that will do him in, it's the crunchy ends.

And I know you were dying to ask so I'll save you the trouble & tell you that Mommy Hell is much like regular Hell except with more guilt ... and more In the Night Garden. I imagine in Mommy Hell we would have to live as characters from In the Night Garden while the smarmy voiceover guy narrates our lives with that ever so disappointed British voice as we suffer. "Everyone is in bed. Wait ... someone is not in bed ... Ashley Pashley's not in bed. Naughty Ashley Pashley." And then the Ninky Nonk will run me over or I'll have to tell a story about the Porkney Pines or whatever those little wooden people are called. H-E-L-L! Normal Hell will look like a luau from where I'm going.

So why am I eating french fries & drinking a frozen Coke after my second day of walking? Because I officially quit my job today & I'm very sad. You probably thought I had already quit but no, I hadn't because I didn't want to give up that awesome job. Those who know much about my work there know that I love, love, loooovvvved that bloody job & every time I see one of our clients on TV or in a magazine I get excited. But now I won't get to know what So & So is up to or get to suffer through them being a such & such. And yes, I'm still bound to a confidentiality agreement so I still won't be telling stories about So & So being a such & such but I'm going to miss every fun & sometimes agonising minute of it!! And unfortunately for you, I will still obnoxiously point at every person on TV or in the press & say "They're an RGM client" like you give a rat's ass.

So there, after many months of having absolutely no news for you besides "I'm going to join a gym," shortly followed by "Gyms are stupid, I'm going to walk" I have actual news. And this is not the happy stuff that I mentioned a blog or two ago - I'll let you know about that next week. It's not another baby I should point out. My mom called a very short time after I posted that blog - apparently she's decided to read my blog these days & harassed me over what my news was. So I guess if you live in middle Tennessee you already know my news.

Okay, I'm off to clean the kitchen before Marcel gets home & to fight with Ben as I try to put his toys away - he likes to follow me & mess up every thing I straighten of his. Luckily my work at RGM helping with some of the more difficult clients (& there were very very few that I would call difficult)(& let's be honest, I loved even the difficult ones) gave me the patience I practice every day with my current & by far most adorable client, Benjamin Hewson Eisele.

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