11 March 2010

Napkins & such

I'm listening to the joyful noise of Marcel humming as high pitchedly (it's my blog, I'll make up words if I want to) as possible while trying to get a certain monster to sleep. Every once in a while Ben has a very restless evening and just decides sleep is not in the cards - we've done it all, each of us has rocked him, I've fed him a gazillion times, bathed him, all the normal routine. We've given up & let him play but that just gives him more superbaby powers to fight sleep so now we're back to rocking.

This was my first day alone with him now that the Eisele's are safely back in DC. Ben is so sick of me already! He is in full-on Dad mode tonight & turns his back to me when I put out of my hands to take him. Fair enough, little turd, but there's no milk in that man so unless you've suddenly decided to eat real food like everyone else your age, you are going to be one unhappy camper if you ignore your mother. Too bad he can't read or this would be some heavy-hitting stuff.

I bought some birthday napkins for Ben today. That's right, napkins. I was at Borders & they were there & they were gorgeous. Just bright bold "Happy Birthday" in a cool font & I have seen some similar invites online that Marcel & I (okay, just Marcel) can recreate so that can be our theme - colorful letters. That sounds super lame & again, he won't be reading by his first birthday so I doubt he'll be thinking "Wow, awesome font/colorful letter party." So yeah, probably not an ideal theme but at least it's something that doesn't revolve around robots, pirates or any other generic boy things so I'm running with it! And yes, I buy napkins at bookstores. WHAT?

Okay, Marcel has worked his magic & the boy is asleep so I'm off to bed. Happy trails!

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