24 March 2010


I think I ruined my son's afternoon nap. We went to grab some groceries for dinner tonight & I went to feed him so he'd sleep but I did something that made him crack up. Now, I will admit that I am a ham. There is very little I won't do to earn a laugh so having my own son & heir laugh at my stupid antics just gave me more ammunition. 30 minutes later we were both cracking up hysterically - him at my fake snoring & dramatic shrieking when he pulled my hair & me eating up his gorgeous raucous laughter. No nap so now he's bouncing around the loungeroom & I can tell he's a little overtired - his scary delirious Jack Nicholson eyes & aimless laughter give him away.

What the hell is nattering? I'm watching Playschool & the whole episode is talking about sea turtles & they keep saying "nattering turtle" & "the turtles go natter, natter, natter." Huh? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT!

Okay, here is the house - the online description called it A Slice of Paradise. Love that. Now, the current owners took one trip to Bali - ONE TRIP - & apparently thought they would base their whole decor on it. Not bad but definitely not my style. This is obviously a modern house & my style ain't so modern so it's going to be a bit of a challenge but I am so excited & am collecting all my ideas. This house is going to be awesome I tell you!! After that bragging I will take a step back by saying it's a small house - these pictures even make it look a bit bigger than it actually is. There is a 3rd small bedroom that isn't pictured (will be an office) & a garage but everything else is there.

Welcome Home

Master Bedroom
The current owners are a big fan of the textured feature walls so we'll be repainting a lot, which is fine with me. Also going to replace all those round light fixtures.

Ben's bedroom 
You can't see the textured feature wall in this photo but it's there!

Entryway (through the left arch) & dining
Yeah, lots of island decor. This is such a weird shaped room but I really love it & can't wait to figure out how to furnish it properly. Should be interesting!

In the picture above, this is the room on the other side of the entryway arches. They have a small pet door in the sliding door so maybe we'll have to get ourselves a small dog. Maybe not.


I am happy about that wall of windows overlooking the backyard. Also like the granite countertops but it's about the exact opposite of what I've always wanted in a kitchen, which is bright white. But I will find a way to personalize this one because it's fairly awesome.

Pool, built-in BBQ & balinese umbrella. Lots of landscaping all around as well, which is beautiful.

Yes, it's a patio. I get it but if the Golden Girls can call their patio The Lanai, then I shall call my patio The Lanai. I am going to decorate the hell out of The Lanai!

P.S. I have a new terrible reason to exercise. A few minutes ago I was squatting on the ground, leaning over to clean something off the couch when Ben snuck up on me & started grabbing my back love handles/haunches. Then he leaned over & started sucking on one - he must have thought I was hiding a second set of breasts back there. Yikes.

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  1. You must be SOOOOOOOOO excited about your new place! It looks great, bet you can't wait to get in it and make it you own! (I really do love the exclamation point don't I!) So chuffed that you guys are going to be in Oz longer! Nicxx