20 March 2010

To: S. Bullock, Hollywood California

Dear Sandy,

I am writing to follow up on my numerous attempts to make you my very best friend. I know you're going through a rough patch at the moment & I think the best thing for you would be a nice Australian getaway where you can hang out with me, my adorable son & the beach. I have a box of cupcake mix that I plan on using but I can save it for when you come around if you prefer. Do you like cookies & cream? Who doesn't, AM I RIGHT?!? Hahahahaha.

We can also use your superstar power to recruit the other potential very best friend that would round out our trio:

Doesn't Ava Jackman look like a hoot? We could all eat cupcakes, watch terrible TV and talk about why boys are dumb. We don't have to talk about the Bombshell situation if you'd rather not but the cupcakes are not optional. Greatest day ever.

Anyhoo, when you're ready for a chat you know how to reach me. Until then, good luck with everything and keep that gorgeous chin up - we're all on your side.


So nothing much going on over here obviously. It's a quiet, hot Sunday. Ben's running around with no diaper on, which thrills his soul. You know what thrills my soul? Not cleaning up baby pee puddles on the carpet. Fingers crossed.

I do have cupcakes to make - I have lofty goals for Ben's birthday party & Marcel has convinced me to try making cupcakes or a cake myself so we're doing some trial runs because I don't have faith in my baking skills. I would rather pay a small fortune for something beautiful & tasty but sometimes the boy is right. *sigh* Still haven't (interruption: Ben is currently rolling on the ground naked, giggling like a loon) settled on the theme for the party because I have new one or two every day. It's going to be a mess I imagine. Ah well, at least there's only going to be like 6 people there.

Hmmmm ... nothing else going on. I should log off & sit by my phone in case Sandra or Ava give me a ring. Have a beautiful weekend wherever you are!

And seriously how cute is Ava Jackman?


  1. Ah Ash, the cupcakes sound delish and should Sandy B give you a call count me in :) Nicxx

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  3. Yay, you're definitely welcome to join anytime Nic! Even if Sandy doesn't come around, it can't stop us from eating cupcakes.