10 March 2010

In like a lion.

The most brilliant people in the world is a band called The Bird & The Bee. They are brilliant but they are jerks. They are releasing (probably already released in the US) an album called Interpreting the Masters: Volume 1 (A Tribute to Darryl Hall & John Oats). Reading this news caused me to curse out loud and cross another of my life's goals off the list because someone else stole the idea & had the energy to chase down Hall & Oates for their permission to redo their songs. And they've done it well so I suggest you take a listen for yourself but as you listen be sure to shake your first because you know I would have done it better ... if I had any musical ability whatsoever. I will admit that I had a similar disappointment in 8th grade the first time I heard Fiona Apple's Shadowboxer. I can actually honestly remember a 13 or 14 year old me hearing it on the radio & thinking "Crap, there goes my music career" because that was the song that had been in my head for years but I could never get to come out of me. WHY AM I CURSED TO NEVER CREATE (OR COPY) AWESOME MUSIC??

Okay, now that that's out of my system let's move on to more important things. Ben's Oma & Opa have left the country, which is very sad. It's hard enough for Marcel & me to let them go because they're fun & the easiest houseguests on earth (well, Ilse may be easier but who's counting) but poor Ben is having a much harder time than us. He fell in love with his grandparents, especially his blasted Opa. No offence to his Oma of course & let's face it I'm at the bottom of the pile so she can't be offended! But Herbert used some Austrian voodoo to bewitch that child and he had a constant puppy at his heels. He's happy this afternoon but I do catch him looking around like perhaps his loving mother isn't quite good enough for him anymore. I've got some work to do to get my reputation back up to speed.

Apparently Ben is going through another growth spurt. I was looking online because he has been waking up at night a bit & eating more than usual. Sure enough it's another stinking spurt! The people online were talking about how much food their babies were suddenly eating while they're going through this little spell - twice as much cereal, extra fruit, blah blah blah. I would give anything for Benny boy to be eating bloody cereal or any kind of food that doesn't come out of me. I am exhausted & feel like a milking machine. He is eating a few more cheerios, now up to about 7 or 8 instead of 2 or 3 so we're obviously making awesome amounts of progress.

Ooooh, I have to download Lost. Another week, another chance to try to figure what on earth is going on. Love, love, love that stupid show. From the very beginning I had my money on Sayid to be good so last week through me for a loop! I can't wait to find out what Ben's deal is - Ben the character not my son. My son may or may not be named after the character but whatever. And by 'my son' I do mean 'our son.' Sorry, I'm bad about that.

Sorry to be brief - have had a busy couple of days and have a wild little child to chill out. Happy day to you!

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