05 March 2010

curiouser & curiouser

I had a bit of an anxiety attack today and feel like a jackass. I do like the phrase "anxiety attack" because it makes me feel like I was the victim of it, like a stealthy ninja's prey, instead of bringing it upon myself by worrying about big things and then panicking over the little things. Long story short (we'll skip my sulking, crying & frantic cleaning), Marcel & his parents have taken Ben to the reptile park while I am kicked back on my well made bed in my dusted bedroom, simmering down after eating some cookie dough. And no, they didn't take Ben out of fear that I would sweep him up or bleach him or something heinous - it was originally the plan to go there but I opted out to deal with the crazy. I miss him terribly.

Oma & Opa babysat him yesterday at the mall while Marcel & I had our first official post-baby date!! Nine months isn't that long is it? I probably could have waited until he moved out of home in many many years but realise that clingy doesn't look good on me. So we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Love, love, loved it. Maybe I'm biased because the gorgeous Mia Wasikowska (Alice) is an RGM client & I remember the joy in the office when she got the part but she is awesome and I'm so excited for her. I also want half of her wardrobe from the movie and the super short haircut she has now. Go Mia go!

Nooooowwww, I have a photo of Marcel & me going to this movie but I'm hesitant to post it. Okay, I am going to post it but I'm going to add this paragraph of warning that it is not a true representation of us! I looked damn good yesterday - good hair day, skin was agreeing with me, makeup was nice, cute outfit, was even having a skinny day (that never happens to me anymore). So we popped on our 3D glasses for a cute, funny picture of young parents in love but somehow our picture turned out a couple of doofuses with double chins, ratty hair & 3D glasses. I must throw this camera away, I'm afraid.

We were so much better looking than this picture.

So anyway, that's life in a nutshell. I'm exhausted but not anxiety-riddled anymore & a cool breeze has picked up to lift my spirit. When everyone gets home, it will be time for the boy to eat & take his afternoon nap & I can apologize for being super cranky before they left. Marcel will make fun of me & I will have to remind him that making fun of me does not help the anxiety issue, then he'll probably make fun of me some more & everything will be okay.

Until then, I'm off to slay the jabberwocky ...

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