25 March 2010

I'll just need my shoe horn.

I'm just watching Neil Patrick Harris playing a shoe fairy on Sesame Street. Man, this show is sure on the pulse. Ben eats up every episode - he's going to be a song & dance man when he grows up. Do they still have song & dance men these days? Besides Neil Patrick Harris & Hugh Jackman that is? 

So I took my walk yesterday morning, which is my first ever morning walk. I like the concept - it did seem to get my day going well & I liked having it out of the way. One giant problem is that there is no breeze in the morning here! How can that be? I walk right beside the stinkin' ocean so I'm not sure how there can be no sea breeze at any time, especially on a nice cool morning. So I may have to go back to the evening until it cools down more. Grrrr, can't just be easy.

I'm doing well with my house PowerPoint presentation - it's definitely getting my decorating brain in order. I may be having a little too much fun with the stupid thing since I haven't done any kind of spreadsheet, presentation or report in almost a year since I've been off work. I do miss doing that kind of thing so I'll have to do them for myself more often. That's really sad, isn't it? 

Okay I'm going to run. I know I started to write this today for some reason but can't remember if there was something of substance I was actually going to tell you. I doubt it, I'm a boring lady. I need some water.

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