21 March 2010

No good at 8am

I have a feeling today is going to be a bad one. Not being negative, just keeping it real. Ben has been a tough sleeper recently, basically he just stays on me & drinks alllll night. It's very exhausting & makes me rethink this co-sleeping nonsense. I rethink it about once a week don't I? It's a bit of a nutty time for the next month or so but after that I really am buckling down & figuring out this sleep crap. There will be probably be tears, most will be mine, but I've got to get this boy sleeping better. And eating better. Crap, this mothering business is rough on the nerves!

We have made a tiny bit of progress on the eating front. He's trying more things & actually swallowing them - still not more than a bite or two but we're making progress. Yesterday at breakfast he had a couple of bites of scrambled eggs & about the same of avocado. Then last night he had some of my eggplant & now a big bite of my bagel this morning (which I now have to pronounce baggle thanks to the genius show that is Community).

So anyway it's going to be a bad day because I didn't sleep well last night at all - we were keeping Marcel up with our restlessness so at 11pm I put Ben in his bed & slept in the rocking chair for an hour then we went back to bed when he woke up crying, where Ben sucked down milk constantly (well, it felt like constantly but I have no concept of time when I'm waking up/sleeping/waking up/sleeping) until he started squirming at 6am. So we went back to the rocking chair together where he slept peacefully until 7am. Then he was happily playing & somehow managed to trip over his own feet & smack his face on the very hard edge of the couch. Now when I bruise it's always a blob no matter what I hit. Ben gets bruises in the exact shape of whatever got him. He currently has a deep red rectangle with impressions of where the seams were & it's going to be a bruise by the end of the day. Nothing more awesome than going out with a child that has long squared off bruises - it looks like I've karate chopped him across the cheek.

Trying to think how I can cut this bad day off before it gets going - may have to make those darn cupcakes I was jabbering about yesterday & maybe a quick window shopping trip. But at the moment I am smelling something quite suspicious so I should go do the bit of mothering that I am managing to do correctly!

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